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Barlanark-Greyfriars Parish Church

365 Hallhill Road



G33 4RY.     

Tel : 0141-771-6477

Email enquiries@grow.barlanark-greyfriars.co.uk


The Beginning

We setup the growing bags and planted some potatoes.

The Garden Beds

The Royal Horticultural Society came to our church today and built the Garden Beds for our vegetable garden.

Monday 4th June 2018

This was the first meeting night for the “I Can Grow” team. We split up into groups to do different tasks.

Tonight we made posters about the vegetables and flowers we are growing , Some of us tidied up the edge of the church grounds to make space for more flowers to be planted , we swept the leaves up and cleaned some of the pathways , we watered the garden beds and potatoes.

After the garden work was finished we had a game of dodgeball.

Monday 11th June 2018

Tonight was the 2nd night. The GB girls made the Cups with Bamboo Sticks in them for the bee hotel. We tidied some more of the church grounds. And watered our potatoes and vegetables.  

Monday 18th June 2018

Tonight was the 3rd night. We tidied up some more parts of the church grounds. One of our leaders used the strimmer to cut some of the grass growing around the edge of the grounds. Angela from the RHS visited us tonight and showed us how to build frames to support our peas. We replaced one of the bee hotel cups which had fallen and broken. Some of the girls planted some sunflowers around the edge of the church grounds in one of the areas we cleared last week.

Bee Hotel Gallery

Garden Gallery